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Frequently asked questions

If the show time is cancelled can I book another date/show time?

If tickets are available then you will be given the option to swap dates.

If the show time is cancelled do I get a refund?

If the event is cancelled, we will look to exchange your ticket to a later date, subject to availability.

Are Strobe Effects used in the Show?

It is not recommended that photosensitive persons attend Magical Woodland. While no single source of lighting regularly strobes at high frequency, the volume of light fixtures on site could raise the frequency of light flashes and strobing across multiple sources to a level where it may be considered unsafe for people who are affected by photo-sensitive epilepsy

Do you have wheelchairs or mobility scooters on site for public use?

No, you will be required to provide your own mobility aids. The site is not accessible by wheelchairs. Mobility scooters are not advised as there are steep inclines and unsuitable terrain and space for these.

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